Company Milestones

1987 ~ Company Founding

Ocean was first incorporated during September 15,1987. The company started out as a wholesale trader of indigenous seafood products such as sea cucumber and salted jellyfish. Operations started out in a small office/ warehouse along San Fernando Street, a busy thoroughfare in s Chinatown district. .

海洋水產貿易公司 在一九八七年九月十五日註冊成立。公司開始是做批發交易。主要產品是海參和鹽漬海蜇。海洋水產的開始是在馬尼拉的 San Fernando街的一個小型辦公室/倉庫,它們位於馬尼拉的唐人街區的心臟地帶一個繁忙的大街。


1994 ~ Board of Investment Grant

The Philippine Government recognizes Ocean’s growing importance in the export business through the issuance of Certification No. EP 94-079, under the grant the company was licensed as a New Producer of Processed Marine Products on a Non-Pioneer status. Major perks and privileges were given to the company, most notable among them is the granting of income tax holiday from June 1994 to 2001.



1998 ~ Plant Expansion Program

The company embarked on a major plant expansion. Ocean’s main Cavite plant was redesigned into a fully equipped factory in order to adequately handle the ever growing product portfolio of the company. Cold storage, drying, storing facilities and equipments were procured. The establishment of provincial buying stations was also given priority to ensure steady flow of supply.

為了充分地處理日益增加的產品組合,公司主要擴建了廠房。 對海洋在Cavite的主要工廠進行了重新設計使之成為一個設備齊全的工廠。冷庫,幹燥,儲存設施和設備采購。省收購站的建立工作,也確保了產品源源不斷的供應。


2005 ~ First Business Award and Citation

The year 2005 was also a major milestone for the company as various business oriented organizations started to give notice to Ocean’s business footprint. The National Product Quality Excellence Awards as well as the Consumers Today Magazine Best Aquaculture Products in the Philippines. The award paved the way for more valuable awards for the company in the ensuing years.

2005年也是一個重要的裏程碑,為公司的各種商業化的組織開始發出通知,海洋的業務足跡。Consumer Today 報紙授予本公司在菲律賓的全國產品質量卓越獎項 和“最佳水產養殖出口商。


2010 ~ Streamlining of Operations

As part of its dedication to offer best quality and abundant products to its business partners and franchises the company embarked on a massive expansion program, establishing buying stations all over the Philippines. Subsequent to its streamlining plans, the company established a marketing office in Hong Kong. Plans are under way to explore new growth opportunities across Southeast Asia with production and storage plants among the priority.